Monday, May 6, 2013

Renewed Passion

Hey there! Sorry it's been a bit since my last post. Things have been getting crazy around here! I wanted to just share my excitement with all of you about my recent sales at Everyday Hello! After my shop opened back in March I had made a few sales which was soooo exciting- but since then business had really slowed down. I was not finding as much time to make new cards to post, and was feeling slightly discouraged that I wasn't getting any sales!

Well that all changed a few weekends ago when I made a few sales to some family. It reignited that passion to craft - and the confidence that people do like my cards and will buy them. The past week or so has been a little of a blur with all the orders I got for Mother's Day Cards. I had several custom card orders and a few of my regularly listed cards sell! It has been so exciting and super rewarding to be selling my work. I even have a few custom orders (4 cards!!) still waiting to be made for upcoming events. I feel so good now that I've finally earned a little profit from my products (aka made up the money I've invested plus some) and to celebrate I went and bought a few more fun supplies to make cards with and a new organization system for storing and sorting orders! (Wooohoo I love organization!).

I am feeling so encouraged and inspired to keep making cards and especially inspired to make more custom orders. Let me just talk to you for a moment about why I LOVE custom orders. Part of the reason why I enjoy making and selling cards is because I feel like I get to be apart of the meaningful exchange of support/love/etc between two people. It's my way of helping others express their feelings and showing their loved ones just how much they care. So as you can imagine I really love getting custom card orders because I get the opportunity to create something so personal, meaningful, specialized, and unique for one specific person. If you place a custom order you have the chance to choose some features you'd like on the card but I also have an open ended comments area to share any amount of insight or personal tidbits about the recipient. It is so fun for me to turn instructions like "Loves pink, enjoys gardening, and is super girly" into a beautiful unique piece of art (card) for that person! It's like turning their personality into a fun crafty card that reflects who that person is and what they like! Such a fun creative challenge for me to tackle and I LOVE every second of it!

Ok, enough of that rant! In other news I updated the official Everyday Hello Website! Check out the gallery of purchased cards to see what I've been working tirelessly on! Here is a preview of some of them!

Also I'd really like to encourage you to consider ordering a card for someone special. I'd love the chance to be apart of that. If you have any special requests or ideas- leave a comment here or fill out my contact form on my website/or etsy and I'll get back to you ASAP!

Have a happy inspired day! I promise I'll post more very soon!

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  1. Nice cards they flip too fast though.