Thursday, May 9, 2013


Today my mom was working on a craft project for her kids at school. It involved spray painting yogurt containers to become flower pots for little sprouts the kids were growing for Mother's Day. Well the paint ended up not being able to cover up all the wording on the containers so she turned to plan B. Find something to cover up the body of the container. She found some gold contact paper and covered the containers in that. They looked awesome after and the kids are going to finish decorating them at school! My mom had a bunch of gold contact paper left over and of course she gave it to me. (Usually crafty leftover materials end up in my hands). So the first thing I did was start playing with it! 

Obviously I tried misting it first! (See last post) And it kind of worked. I used the same honeycomb stencil as last time and the same mint color- I misted the contact paper and it was all sorts of runny. I dabbed off the wet parts and was left with something like this! (below). I actually kind of like it. It reminds me of old pennies (in a good way). Then I decided I should try cutting out words! They turned out alright but I did get a few creases. Small cut out pieces of contact paper are apparently really hard to get to stick down clean. Here is what I cam up with! 
Frustrated by the creased words above I set out to make a card that the words were smooth on. In order to accomplish this I chose a super short word- and simple lettering. And I really like how this one turned out- especially with a little pink mist in the corner! 
 These two cards were mostly experimental/ for fun. I'm not even sure what to do with them! I guess I'll keep them on file until I need a card for one of these reasons! Since I was quickly falling in love with the shiny gold contact paper look I knew I needed to put it on a card- a real card that I would sell. I scrolled through the current custom orders in my head and then it hit me.... The nautical/sailing wedding. Weddings scream gold- and I love blues and golds together. So I set out to create a cute gold anchor wedding card. I sketched an anchor on the back of the contact paper and then cut it out. Once I saw how shiny and beautiful the anchor looked the rest of the card just sort of made itself. I felt like I knew exactly what to do- I made a cute blue rope out of embroidery thread- mounted it on white and blue paper- added in a woodgrain paper to hint at a wooden boat- topped it off with a cute sun charm that I magically found- and ta-da this card was made!

I also got the opportunity to use my gold sharpie I just purchased, by adding a cute phrase on the inside! 

I am really hoping my customer is happy with this card! I am digging the gold- and I can't wait to use it on more cards! 

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