Friday, March 15, 2013

My First Sale (and other news)

Just a few days ago I opened up shop on Etsy with my cards. As I opened up all my sites to the public I felt really excited! I was feeling like finally, everyone gets to see my hard work! So as I posted a lot of links up to all my social media I was filled with anticipation. However, in the back of my mind I kept telling myself that popularity won't happen overnight- that this will be a long, hard process of trying to achieve any amount of success. So as you can imagine I was shocked to see that I made my first sale on the second day! Admittedly the purchase was made by someone I know (one of my past college professors who I haven't seen in a few years)! I was so excited to be making my first sale on the second day- and got the card packaged and in the mail this morning!

This however brought a dark cloud over my excitement: In order to mail the card I sent an envelope and the card in a cardboard photo-mailer for extra protection. I picked up the mailer at the post office for $1.50 the other day- but when we sent the card out this morning it cost about $3.50 to ship it! I was floored at the expense. We didn't go directly to the post office so maybe the place we shipped it through ripped us off- but still I am shocked at the price. The envelope was not very heavy- so for it to cost so much seems outrageous. Now looking at the cost of the envelope and the shipping- that's $4.50, plus Etsy and Paypal Fees- my profit on this first sale is pretty dismal. If I want to have any success with these cards I need to solve this shipping conundrum! I figure that I may be able to find photo mailers for slightly cheaper at an office supply store, but if the shipping is going to cost $3.50 every time I might have to increase my shipping charges. I knew I would hit a few bumps with starting this business and like I said, I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet! I do need to solve this profit problem if I want to continue to sell cards.

On the sunny side of things- I have 2 custom orders (technically I haven't started offering these on my site yet). Two people that I know contacted me about making specific cards for them- and since I was already planning on doing this for people I was very pleased to jump on the opportunity. This being said- If you have a specific occasion or need a more personalized card please contact me! I will be very happy to work with you to meet any desires you have.

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