Thursday, June 20, 2013

Everyday Hello Redesign!

Hey all! So lately I've been in the works of developing a more clear cut brand for Everyday Hello. Part of that involves graphic design- logos, title, website, color scheme, etc. I am happy to announce that some of these changes are live!

Incase you don't remember, Everyday Hello's website used to look something like this:

I used to be pretty happy with this site. I was excited that (for the most part) I built the website myself. I used a template but changed and customized so many things. I had been meaning to get around to serious "branding" of Everyday Hello for awhile now. I did do some earlier but never really got a clear idea of what I wanted it to "look" like until now. Instead of explaining this new look I'll just show you!

To be honest I still don't think these pictures quite do the site justice! So make sure you check it out here:  Oh and that reminds me, I finally have connected up the domain name to the site. No more yucky long url! Everyday Hello will now be much easier to find! Hooray!

If you visit Everyday Hello's Etsy page or facebook page you will notice that some changes have been made there too, to help keep the brand cohesive. I am so excited for these changes, and I finally feel like the design of the site, the logo, color scheme all emulate the brand of Everyday Hello! Be on the lookout for an updated blog look soon!

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